Technology plays a large role in our lives. At work and at home, digital devices are helping us stay connected, informed and educated on a limitless number of subjects, and of course, provides us with entertainment. But there’s another side to the convenience and ease of digital devices. More and more we’re hearing about the long-term effects of too much screen-time on mental and physical health, and it’s impacting our kids too.

Time with digital devices is replacing active time at an alarming rate. In fact, when it comes to overall physical activity only 35% of 5-17 year-olds are getting the recommended amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day according to a study led by the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance.  Those that are not active are facing greater risk of physical, mental, social and cognitive health problems; all the things that can impact our children’s well-being and prevent them from growing into resilient, confident adults.

The good news: a ban of digital devices is not required (though some exasperated parents may disagree!). With a little balance, we can shift our behaviours and those of our children to spending more time unplugged and participating in fun activities. Reading, crafting, building forts, riding bikes, or even going for a walk are just a few ways to decrease screen-time. The more often you take time away from the devices, the easier it will become. Challenge yourself and your family to try a new activity or game, or to read one new book each week. Need some help coming up with ideas? Check out this list of 50 ways to Unplug and Play.

In addition, be sure to check out Interior Savings Unplug and Play Family Literacy Week coming to Merritt, Kamloops and the Central Okanagan. It’s a week of awareness and fun activities promoting the balance of technology use with family time, creative pursuits, recreation and connection to nature. Check our events calendar here for more details.


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