In 2003, the town of Barriere faced a devastating blow when wildfires burned down the local Tolko Mill, a key contributor of jobs and economic stability in the region. Not to be deterred, and in true community fashion, residents in the region came together and created the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society (LNTCFS). The organization’s intent was to build a long-term, sustainable plan for the local forestry industry.

In 2016 the LNTCFS came to Interior Savings with a proposal to support their Carpentry and Milling Project; a project that would help to give residents meaningful training and experience while giving back to the region. The proposal spoke strongly to our cooperative values and supporting the local economy. We were pleased to provide a grant of $10,000 to help the Society purchase the portable sawmill needed for the project.

The LNTCFS milling program is a wonderful example of a community working together to build innovation and growth into the local economy. Watch the video below to learn more.