As summer draws to a close and kids are headed back to school it’s a great time to start thinking about protecting yourself, your family, dependents and loved ones. It’s also National Life Insurance Awareness Month.

If there’s one thing the Insurance team at Interior Savings wished you knew, it would be that life insurance is an affordable asset that can be leveraged to save you money.

We talk to many members about car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance… but how to protect your hard-earned money and the people left behind when you die… that’s simply a harder conversation to have, for many reasons.

We don’t like talking about mortality, but we DO like to have meaningful, relevant conversations with our members about income and asset protection as part of their financial plan. Most of our members are surprised to learn that talking about life, critical illness and disability insurance early can save a lot of money, hassle, and headaches later on.

Life insurance takes on several forms, a tax-free death benefit for your family and loved ones, income replacement in the case of accident or illness, lump sum payment if you get diagnosed with one of 25 critical illnesses (and 100% return of your premiums if you don’t), investment in your retirement in the form of permanent life insurance with cash surrender value, and even a tax efficient way to extract earnings from your company.

The basic principle of life insurance is protecting yourself and your family against a random, uncontrollable event. While we hope to never have to need it, without it, your family and loved ones could be left with large financial obligations and limited means to cover expenses. Don’t leave their wellbeing and comfort during an already difficult time to chance.

We’d love to have a conversation about estate planning, tax implications, and whether insurance should be a part of your asset mix. Our Interior Savings Estate Planning Specialists, Insurance and Investment Advisors have access to over two dozen Insurance companies and are focused on finding the right product based on your individual needs.

Contact your local Interior Saving branch for a free Life Insurance Assessment today. We’d be happy to help.

Contributed by Allister Jones; Estate Planning Specialist, Insurance & Investment Advisor
Interior Savings Estate Planning Inc.