There are a wide variety of mortgage solutions available today and it can be confusing to understand the differences between them. At Interior Savings, we know how important it is to choose the mortgage that fits your needs best, so we take the process very seriously.


Special Mortgage Solutions

We know that life’s unique situations can make buying a home somewhat complex. That’s why Interior Savings provides members with a few more comprehensive mortgage options. Although your Mortgage Specialist will walk you through the mortgage selection process to make it as easy as possible, here is a list of the special solutions at Interior Savings. Let’s start with the basics:


  • theWorks: Interior Savings offers theWorks as our most complete loan and mortgage solution. It gives you flexibility and choice in what you’re borrowing for – a second home, investments, a car, your own business – whatever you need. You can also borrow up to 80% of your current home’s appraised value or receive up to 95% financing for a new home purchase. Plus, this mortgage allows you to avoid future mortgage fees as well as save on legal fees associated with refinancing a mortgage!


  • Family First Mortgage: We created this solution to help parents and grandparents help their kids in achieving their homeownership dreams – something that seems to be becoming harder and harder to realize.

    With this plan, the borrower can qualify for a mortgage and a loan for their down payment. The loan is secured with a term deposit that’s in their name (or their parent’s). The term deposit is then held as a security for the loan until they pay it out in full or refinance it into the mortgage. To top it off, the term deposit continues to be an interest-earning investment within their portfolio.


  • One Grand Plan: This mortgage solution is perfect for someone who is thinking about buying a new home in the next few years and wants to get a head start on their savings.

    To start, you’ll deposit $100 for the setup of your One Grand Plan account. Then, you’ll continue to deposit $100 every month after that and after 36 months, when you open your mortgage, we’ll reward your dedication with a $1,000 bonus.

    The One Grand Plan also pays interest on all your deposits at a great rate.


Get up to $1,000 cashback!

If you feel like your current mortgage agreement isn’t aligning with the needs of you and your family, you are buying your first home, or perhaps it’s time for a change. You can book an appointment at the branch nearest you, or if don’t have time to go to the branch, that’s OK, our Mortgage Specialists will meet you where and when it’s most convenient for you. It’s just one of the ways we make it easier to bank, borrow, insure and plan for life’s big milestones