Remember how nervous you were before your first date? Or when you gave your first speech to a crowded room? When you’re buying your first home, the stakes are, well, just a little bit higher, so feeling anxious is understandable. You’ve been saving as much as you can, looking around for the perfect place, and now you’re ready to take the leap. But it’s a big one.

Don’t be nervous – that’s where we come in.

It’s our mission to make buying your first home as easy – and anxiety-free – as possible, so when you turn the key to your new home, there’s nothing behind the door that’ll surprise you. There are lots of things you might not have considered: Home inspections, land registration, appraisal fees, title insurance… the list goes on. That’s why we’ve collected all the information in one convenient place with our First-Time Home Buyer Checklist. It was created by our own passionate mortgage specialists – the same experts who are here to help you navigate your first home purchase.

With our First-Time Home Buyer Checklist, you’ll learn:

  • What kind of house you can afford based on your financial readiness
  • How to find the best kind of mortgage, and the best mortgage rate, for your needs
  • How to get pre-approved for a mortgage
  • What kind of costs you can expect as a home owner
  • And more

The Family First Mortgage

Many first-time home buyers can afford their monthly mortgage payments, but it can be tough to save for a down payment. Our Family First Mortgage makes it easy for family members to help. It does this by securing the loan with a term deposit that works as an interest-earning investment for your family. This can help new homeowners like you make a down payment of 20% or more, avoiding thousands of dollars in CMHC insurance fees and other unexpected costs.

One Grand Plan

With the One Grand Plan, contribute just $100 per month and, after 36 months, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus toward your mortgage when you open it through Interior Savings. The plan pays interest on all your deposits, and at a great rate, too.

All of these tools will help get you into your first home easily and quickly – no anxiety necessary. We want you to feel like you’ve done this before. Download our First-Time Home Buyer Checklist to learn everything you need to know before buying your first home, or contact us in-branch or over the phone to get expert insight from our friendly mortgage specialists.

Home ownership is a journey, and we’re here to help you start off on the right foot. Visit your local Interior Savings branch or call us at 1-855-220-2580. We’re ready when you are.

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