So much about how we live, work, and how we do our banking has changed. We understand our members have diverse circumstances and are weathering these unique times in different ways. Despite all the uncertainty, the current economic conditions offer a silver lining or investors. For those able to stay the course, now is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the current market. 


What are the advantages of investing now? 

  1. Investing in a down market has proven to do well over the long-term 

Investors are understandably often overcome by their “loss aversion” instincts, thinking that if they do not sell, they stand to lose more. History has proven that over the long-term, investing regularly is a good idea. When we find ourselves in a down market, as we are today, it is a good time to make a move. 

  1. Downturns present an opportunity to buy quality companies at low prices 

While investing may seem counter intuitive at this time, it pays to capitalize on the fact that stock prices have come down across the board. These downturns offer a great time to buy and so taking advantage of the highs and lows, and investing on a regular basis, is a great strategy.

  1. Regular investing is key to long-term gains 

Downturns are most often temporary and tend to be followed by an attractive upswing. Market volatility will cause the markets to go up and down, so an investor needs to stay the course. It’s about time in the market, not timing the market. Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world, says “be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”. 


How do you get started? 

We understand that it is not always convenient to do things in person, and now in these unprecedented and challenging times, even less so. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our members with innovative tools, we are pleased to offer VirtualWealth®, an easy-to-use automated investment service. It offers a personalized, easy-to-understand investment experience on a flexible and accessible platform. Now you can take advantage of the down market all from the comfort of your home. 


Who is VirtualWealth best suited for? 

The long-term investor: Continuous oversight and regular balancing by a team of experts. 

The go-getter: An excellent option for those always on the go and don’t have the time to meet with an advisor. 

The newbie: A quick and easy way for new investors to get started. 

The cost-conscious – An automated service that costs less than a financial advisor. 


What’s the next step? 

Getting started is simple. By answering a goals-based questionnaire online, VirtualWealth will match you to a professionally managed and tailored portfolio that fits your needs. Your portfolio is continuously monitored, automatically rebalanced, and you will receive ongoing personal support when you need it. 

There is no need to spend time selecting or adjusting your investments anymore, VirtualWealth will help you stay aligned with your long-term goals.


Simply visit our website and click Open an Account. Follow the three quick steps and then leave the investing to VirtualWealth. It is that easy. Once you open an account, you will find that VirtualWealth offers excellent client support from knowledgeable representatives. If you have any questions about this service, get in touch with us, or speak to a VirtualWealth representative by calling 1.844.622.4500. 

What are you waiting for? Start investing today. Invest your money, not your time. 


VirtualWealth is a trade name of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.