Better understand your money.

Take everything you know about yourself financially and put it where you can see it all at once. What do you have? A bigger picture. Smart new online banking features let you see and understand your money like never before. Spending and budgeting tools show you how you spend, save and live today so that you can make decisions that are right for you tomorrow.

Get the bigger picture

Get your complete financial picture in one place. Start with your transactions with us, add to that transactions from all your other financial accounts like credit cards, investments, mortgages—even loans from mom and dad—and see them in the same place. That’s your big picture. Best of all, it’s free and built into online banking.

See your spending

It’s easier to plan when you can see a snapshot of how and where you spend your money. All your transactions are automatically categorized and displayed in easy to understand charts and graphs, updated daily. Assign and re-assign transactions to different categories. Personalize your categories so they make sense to you. It’s easy to do.

Better budgeting

Budgets help you manage your money better, especially when they reflect your actual spending. A default budget has already been set up. But personalizing it is easy. It could be restaurants: $250/month or coffee: $50/month. Alerts will let you know when you’re close to or over your budget—helping you stay on top of your spending.

Safe & secure

Best of all, your transactions remain in the safety and security of online banking, from the financial institution you already know and trust. Continue to enjoy peace of mind.

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