There’s no doubt that the pandemic has created much upheaval in our communities. Perhaps some of the most impacted are the non-profit organizations who support our communities with vital programs and services. Not only are they seeing an increased demand for their services, but also an increase in costs as they modify their operations to serve those in need. The pressure is also compounded with a drastic reduction in typical fundraising activities. Unprecedented times is a statement we hear over and over, and it couldn’t be more accurate.

As an active member of the community, Interior Savings is lending a hand with the launch of the Community Relief Fund: a $100,000 commitment to help those who do so much for our collective well-being.

We’re offering one-time grants from $2000 – 7000 to cover extraordinary and unbudgeted costs that charities are incurring in order to meet the needs of their communities. These may include: purchasing additional health and sanitation supplies; providing food and essentials to clients to support new or increased demand; or investing in technology to help organizations or their clients stay connected in this current environment. Learn more about Community Relief Fund here.

In addition, we’re offering members an opportunity to assist relief efforts with a Community Impact Term Deposit. The Term Deposit offers members a good return while also helping to top up the Community Relief Fund. For every dollar invested, Interior Savings will add 2% to the Fund, up to an additional $50,000. Learn more about the Community Impact Term Deposit here.

What can you do to help?

Help us spread the news of our Community Relief Fund. Community service organizations will have until May 31 to submit an application. The more organizations that are aware, the greater our ability to help.

Consider leveraging your investment dollars for good with our Community Impact Term Deposit.

And perhaps, even more importantly, continue to hold the line and follow physical distancing guidelines. The well-being of our families and communities is dependent on all of us doing our part. Stay well. Stay kind. We’ll get through this together.