Are you losing sleep over financial decisions? If so, you’re not alone. In fact 42% of Canadians rank money as their greatest stress, and it’s not only driving Canadians to lose sleep but creating a lot of regret too. In fact, in the same study, 87% of Canadians wished they had made better financial decisions when they were younger.1 Sound familiar?

Now imagine for a moment if you are dealing with some pretty significant challenges in your life. Unemployment, health concerns, poverty, homelessness or immigrating into a new country can all make matters of money feel completely foreign, and incredibly intimidating. We’re hoping to change that.

November is Financial Literacy Month and with that, we’re excited to announce a new program that is aiming to improve financial literacy in our communities.

Introducing Each One Teach One

Interior Savings has adopted Each One, Teach One: a financial literacy program developed by Vancity Credit Union and, in the cooperative spirit, now shared with credit unions across Canada. Each One Teach One is intended to deliver basic financial skills workshops in community settings. The program has won awards for the impact it is having in raising financial literacy levels.

In October, our first team of Interior Savings employees became certified as Each One Teach One trainers, and plans are underway to onboard additional trainers. Our goal is to have up to two Interior Savings staff in each of our 14 communities certified to deliver the Each One Teach One program.

How does the program work?

Delivered in plain language – and in local church basements, neighbourhood houses and community centres – the approach of Each One, Teach One is to meet individuals where they are, when they seek training to build the knowledge, skills and confidence they need in order to make financial decisions that are right for them.

Topics covered by the training sessions include basic banking and budgeting, credit cards and prepaid cards, loans, debt smarts, credit scores, fraud prevention and much more. Participants can rest assured that the workshops are not a forum for a sales pitch. The intent here is to raise basic financial literacy levels and help people feel more confident about their finances and their future. Oh, and did we mention, there is no fee to participate?

How do I sign up?

Could your community group or clients that you serve through your non-profit benefit from financial literacy training? Then we want to hear from you. Complete the application form hereWe can’t wait to hear from you!