Are you looking to do more with your income and savings but need guidance on the best path to take? Interior Savings can help. Right now, Canadians have a unique opportunity to do more with their income and savings — however, many of them lack the awareness or financial confidence needed to make it happen. Between interest rates sitting at record lows and the current market activity, there is great potential for investors across the board, whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience.

Savings are critical to your financial security, but growing your money is what results in financial success. Interior Savings has great investment options to get your money working harder so it can grow faster. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for real growth — even if you’re new to investing or have limited funds to work with, Interior Savings is here to answer your questions and offer personalized support.


Financial success is about more than saving money

Many Canadians have accrued unexpected savings during the pandemic thanks to cancelled vacations and decreased spending. These newfound funds provide an excellent safety net and an exciting opportunity for growth. As CBC recently reported, the average Canadian saved $5000.00 during the course of the pandemic. This translates to roughly $212 billion in personal savings as a country in 2020 compared to $18 billion in 2019. If you’re one of the many Canadians who accumulated money in the past year or so, you’re in luck — it’s a great time to start investing in your future.

If you’ve saved up even a small amount of money during the last year or so, don’t waste the opportunity to build it into something more. Financial success is about a lot more than staying on budget. It’s also about frequent and disciplined saving and a plan that helps you keep more of what you work so hard for.

Simply put, building wealth or retiring comfortably is not feasible for many Canadians because they’re earning such low interest rates. It’s nearly impossible to grow money under these conditions, and you deserve a financial plan that puts you on the path to achieving your goals. At Interior Savings, we’re here to listen and understand your objectives. From there, we will help build recommendations that are customized for you. This means that over time, you’re not just saving more — you will have greater confidence and peace of mind for what lies ahead.


We’re here with the guidance you need to succeed

Investing isn’t something that inherently leads to wealth — it’s a skill developed through years of experience. Our advisors excel at finding investment solutions that fit the needs of each client, guiding them through the process with dedication and care. We look at the big picture and make personalized recommendations designed to improve your financial health. This is how we’ve built lasting relationships with our clients and their families: by genuinely helping people.


To speak to an Interior Savings advisor in your region, you can click the link below to send an email to our Investment Solution Centre team, you can call them at 1-855-788-8999, or you can book an appointment at the branch nearest you. We look forward to learning about your investment goals and discussing your financial future.

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