In most cases, fraud is preventable—but you need to know how to spot it. Here are ten simple, straightforward ways to avoid fraud and stay safe from scammers.

Many of us understand the importance of keeping our data safe from hackers and identity theft, but when you use the Internet to work or run a business, manage your bills, communicate with family and friends, stream entertainment and more, it can be easy to slip up.

With a little education you’ll know what to look out for in case a fraudulent text gets sent to you. Put suspicious text messages through the following tests to see if they’re a scam or safe.

Part of protecting yourself against potential scammers is ensuring you have a strong password for your online accounts.

Just as we lock the doors to our homes and cars, we should put measures in place to ensure our online security.

How is it that scammers are able to trick the average person into making costly mistakes? Learn to spot the tactics they use.

With a little knowledge, you can greatly reduce your chance of becoming a victim of computer scams. Here’s what you should know.

No one wants to be a victim of fraud. Not only can it create a big headache but the impact can be felt for years to come. We took the opportunity to sit down with our resident expert to talk about how we can all better protect ourselves and our loved ones.