We hear so much these days about cyber security and the various types of frauds that are being committed using the internet, email or texting as the point of contact. The fraudsters have taken to using the tools we love such as our phones, tablets and computers to commit these frauds. With all of this going on we often get asked “is online banking safe?” The short  answer is yes. The long answer is that we do need to put measures in place to ensure that safety, just as we lock our doors to our homes and cars.

So how do we lock the door in the online world? In addition to keeping your operating systems and browsers up to date and having appropriate virus protection and firewalls, you should also use strong passwords and set up security alerts.

So what are security alerts? Essentially, they are a doorbell to your account. Alerts are email or text notifications that alert you when certain activities happen in your account. For example, we can alert you if: your account has been accessed, new payment vendors have been added or a request has been made to reset your access code and more.

Below are 7 easy steps to get started with Interior Savings’ Security Alerts!