What happens when you give people $100? Despite being the third year of our $10,000 Local Give program, our participants continue to surprise, amaze and in some cases, bring us to tears with the stories they share.

The $10,000 Local Give is an invitation to our communities to be a part of our Day of Difference. From straight donations to acts of kindness and community-building initiatives, the 100 participants embraced the opportunity, and in some cases even grew their $100 to create bigger impact.

One participant commented: “The flexible nature of the Local Give campaign really enables people who are already in their spot in community to apply the dollars directly and stretch them as far as they will go… I know 3 colleagues that applied for and received the Local Good money, and they are each using it to help different demographics of people in different ways. It’s fantastic that the scope of the campaign benefit need not be narrowly defined. At the end, I’ll bet you can make a pretty long list of impact areas.”

We’re grateful for the feedback, and for all of the great stories that have been sent to us. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some of these heartwarming stories. To be sure you don’t miss any of them, subscribe to our e-newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We have so much in-store for you, and promise that these good news stories will brighten your day and remind you of all the good that is present in our communities.

A special thank you to all of our participants who helped us create a wave of local good. Your creativity, generosity and big hearts have struck a chord and left a lasting impression.