WOW, what a year! Students and families really went through it all in 2020, but boy did they learn to adapt quickly! Online learning? No problem! Finals are open book this year? Even better! On behalf of Interior Savings, we want to give a huge high-five to the grade 12 graduating class of 2021 for accomplishing their goals while riding the rollercoaster of a global pandemic. They made it, and although they may be walking across the stage “virtually” at graduation ceremonies this year, many Okanagan and Thompson Region grads will be receiving an extra 1000 bucks towards tuition this year!


This week, we announced that we’re awarding 675 students in our communities a $1000 award to support them on their journey of post-secondary education. Congratulations to all our qualified students, we wish you every success as you enter this new chapter in your life.


Since launching the Million Dollar Bursary Program in 2014, we’ve now awarded almost four million dollars in bursaries. This program is funded from Member Rewards; it’s part of the 22% of profits we return to members every year. To all of our members, we extend a heartfelt thanks. By choosing to bank locally, with Interior Savings, you are investing in your community and helping our young members get a head start in life.


For many of our young members, this bursary signifies not only a leap into post-secondary but also a leap into greater independence and the adventures of adulthood. In addition to a helping hand with tuition, we are committed to helping our young members learn the ropes of banking: budgeting, building credit, learning how to save for the future, and of course, building an emergency fund for those unexpected bumps ahead.


We wish all our students a safe, socially-distanced summer and best of luck with their upcoming studies. Follow along with us on Instagram @interior_savings, and Facebook for surprise contests and financial health tips throughout the year.

Other Bursaries We Support:

· Us, and many other Credit Union’s across BC contribute to the Credit Union of BC Foundation to help those in financial need. There are two awards per year and Credit Union members can be eligible to receive both! Check out: to see if you qualify. You must be currently attending post-secondary to apply.

· In collaboration with UBCO, TRU and Okanagan College we offer 6 bursaries to those who are already enrolled in school. Three of these are Lifelong Learner Bursaries, awarded to mature students who have returned to school after taking at least a year off. Visit the awards office of these schools for more information on how to apply.