Small Business Online Banking will need to be reset

The first time you log into Small Business Online Banking after September 21, there are features you’ll need to reset:

Password – You’ll need to sign into Small Business Online Banking using a temporary password (also known as a Personal Access Code or PAC) after September 21. To receive this temporary password, please come in-branch or call the Member Service Centre at 1.855.220.2580. Once logged in, you can reset to a password of your choosing.

Click and accept – During your first login, you may be prompted to click and accept using Small Business Online Banking before proceeding in order to continue.

Bill payments – Payments that are scheduled to happen during the upgrade will not be processed. So we recommend that you pay any bills you have before September 18 or after September 21.

Interac® e-Transfers – There are a few items that will need to be reset here:

  • Profile – a new profile will need to be created on the upgraded system.
  • Recipient List – Your current list won’t transition during the upgrade. To make it easier to recreate, we recommend taking screenshots of recipient email addresses, mobile phone number and the security questions you use with them.
  • AutoDeposit ­– Your settings for this feature will need to be reset after the upgrade.
  • Request Money – Any outstanding requests for money after conversion weekend will be lost. So please cancel them before September 17th, and re-send them after the upgrade.

Two Signer Accounts – Any transactions like transfers between accounts or bill payments that are still pending after September 21 will need to be canceled and recreated.

Delegates & Consolidated Accounts – Your information for these features won’t carry forward to the new system, so you’ll need to reset them after the upgrade.

Download the Small Business Banking Conversion Guide


Services during September 18 to 21

Here’s what you need to know about our services during conversion weekend:

Services that won’t be available

  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Telephone Banking
  • In-branch Services

Services that will be available

  • ATMs
  • MemberCard® Debit Cards
  • Mastercard Credit Cards
  • Insurance & Wealth Services

How to prepare for conversion weekend

  • Alternate payment methods – We recommend that you have some cash as well as other payment methods, such as a credit card, on hand just in case of service interruptions.
  • Bill payments – Please ensure you pay any bills you have by September 17 or reschedule the payments for after September 21. This functionality won’t be available during conversion weekend.


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