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Please watch the following message from our President and CEO, Kathy Conway, to find out more about our banking system conversion and the exciting opportunities it will bring.



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This section will be updated regularly with the latest updates, so be sure you check back often to stay in the know.

Member Numbers

After the upgrade, you’ll receive a new unique member number in place of the multiple numbers you may have today. This shift will allow you to see a consolidated view of all your banking.

However, your original numbers will be linked to your new one so you can continue to use existing cheques and pre-authorized transactions as normal.

Member Shares

Going forward, there will be a small change to our Member Share requirements. Each member will need to have $5 in their Share Account.

Where current joint accounts have $10 or more in their Share Account, the $10 will be divided so that each member meets the $5 Share requirement.

Bill Payments & e-Transfers

Your current lists of bill payees and e-Transfer recipients may not carry forward to the new banking system. We recommend you save or screenshot this information before the upgrade for safekeeping.

Account Changes

See the updates we’re making to our personal and business accounts as part of the banking system conversion.

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While there are a number of updates to our services with this conversion, there are also plenty of things that will stay the same:

Online & Banking Conversion Updates

Features available today will continue to be available after the upgrade.

Debit & Credit Cards

You’ll keep your current cards. Nothing new needs to be issued.

Investments & Loans

You can still access your investment and loan details the same way.

Read our Banking Conversion Communications

Read our Banking Conversion Communications

Refresh your memory about what’s to come with our archive of banking conversion communications.

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Find answers to your questions about the upgrade

Find answers to your questions about the upgrade

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our upcoming
banking system upgrade.

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Stay Informed about Online Security

Stay Informed about Online Security

Awareness is power. Find out what to watch out for to protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud.

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