Later this fall, Interior Savings will be moving to a new, advanced banking system. This upgrade will ensure that our systems can leverage the latest technologies and accommodate future enhancements to consistently serve you better.

Most of the changes will happen behind the scenes, streamlining our internal processes and improving our efficiency. This means that most of your banking will stay the same:

  • Online and Mobile Banking will not change. Features available today will continue to be available after the system upgrade, and you’ll still be able to log in using your MemberCard® number
  • Your Interior Savings MemberCard and credit card will not be changing either, so you can continue to use them for purchases as normal
  • Your investments and loan information will still be accessible in the same way as before

There will be a few impacts when we upgrade however, and we wanted to make sure you’re well aware!

The first is an update to a number of our account packages for personal and business.

Changes to Personal Banking

For personal members, we’re making changes to two of our savings accounts, as well as our chequing package for under 17s:

  • TBill Savings Account will be converting to a new Investment Savings account to offer increased interest savings
  • Tax Savings Account will be converting to a new Plan24 Savings account
  • HeadStart Package will now offer unlimited free transactions

Changes to Business Banking

For business members, we’re introducing the Business Flex Package in place of our Business Packs. This new account has six tiers and will automatically adjust to the correct one each month based on the number of transactions. So you only pay for what you use.

Learn more about the changes to come

To get all the details about what these account changes mean for account holders, take a look at our Banking Conversion Support Hub.

We’ll also be sharing more information about the system upgrade, conversion weekend and how it may affect your banking in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for our emails and check the Support Hub regularly to ensure you stay in the know.