Our banking conversion is coming up! On the weekend of September 18-21, we’ll be moving to a new banking system to improve efficiency, keep pace with innovation and, ultimately, enhance how we serve you.

Our team is working diligently to minimize the effects of this upgrade on our members and ensure a smooth experience for everyone. While the majority of the banking conversion will happen behind the scenes, there are some features you’ll need to reset after the conversion, notably in online and mobile banking.

August’s edition of the Banking Conversion Guide provides more in-depth details about the items to be reset and how to prepare. Please also stay tuned for the next update to the guide in September, which will share important information about service hours during conversion weekend.

In the meantime, here are 4 key ways you can prepare for the upgrade from the August guide:

Get Ready to Reset Your Online Banking Password

When you first log in to online banking after September 21, you’ll need to reset your password (also known as your Personal Access Code or PAC). We’ll be providing more information on how to do this in early September.

Please check your Messages in online and mobile banking, and keep an eye on our Banking Conversion Support Hub.

Manage Your Interac® e-Transfers

During conversion weekend, e-Transfer sending and receiving functionality won’t be available. With that in mind, we recommend that you finalize any important transfers by September 17 or organize them for after September 21.

There are also a few features that will need to be reset in online and mobile banking:

  • Request Money – After the banking conversion, any pending e-Transfer requests will no longer work. So make sure you send your requests before September 17 or reschedule them for after September 21.
  • Recipient List – Your e-Transfer recipient list won’t carry forward with the upgrade. To ensure you can easily recreate it, please note down or screenshot each recipient’s email address, mobile number and the security question you use with them.
  • AutoDeposit – After the upgrade, you’ll need to reset your AutoDeposit information to continue accepting e-Transfers without answering security questions.

Review Your Bill Payments

There are a couple of items to bear in mind for bill payments as we approach conversion weekend:

  • Payments During the Upgrade – Payments scheduled to happen during conversion weekend (September 18-21) will not be processed. So, to ensure your payments are made on time, please reschedule them for a week in advance or for after the upgrade.
  • ATM Bill Payments – As of September 17, our ATM network will no longer offer bill payments. However, there are plenty of other ways to pay bills with us, including via our mobile app and telephone banking.

Prepare Alternate Payment Methods

Online, mobile and telephone banking won’t be available between September 18-21. While your debit card will continue to work, we do recommend having other payment methods, such as cash or a credit card, on hand during the conversion. In case of service interruptions, this will ensure you can make transactions as normal.

Get the to-do list and learn more about the upgrade in the August edition of our Banking Conversion Guide. Stay tuned for the next update to the guide in September.

Stay in the know

We’ll be sharing more details about the upgrade, the changes involved and how you can prepare in the coming weeks. So make sure to check your personal messages in online banking and keep an eye on our Banking Conversion Support Hub to stay up to date. You can also give us a call at 1-855-220-2580 or email bankingchanges@interiorsavings.com if you have any questions.