Meet Sam Jedyk, Member Service Advisor extraordinaire and a member of our Tranquille team in Kamloops. Working on her 9th year with Interior Savings, Sam is described by her colleagues as bold, energetic and kind-hearted. She’s a ‘get it done’ kind of woman and is often the first to raise her hand to help with in-branch celebrations or campaigns.

A self-described chameleon for her ever-changing look (more on that in a minute), Sam is also mom to 3 energetic boys who keep her laughing and fine-tuning her lightsaber skills. And if that’s not enough, Sam is also an active volunteer in our community.

We asked Sam a few questions about life, local love and working at Interior Savings. Here’s what she had to say.

What do you like about working at Interior Savings?

Helping our members meet their financial goals.

What causes/organizations are you passionate about?

Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA is wonderful organization that provides programs and services to all walks of people. I’ve volunteered there as a dance instructor for over 5 years now and it has not only given me an outlet of expression but also has given me another family.

What does supporting local mean to you? Why is it important?

Supporting local to me means giving back to our community – like contributing to the YMCA Strong Kids fundraiser or volunteering your personal time. It always makes someone’s day a bit brighter.

What’s your favorite local place to shop?

Winners has this gravitational pull on me like the black hole. So many good and different finds for our little town of Kamloops.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Treat others how you want to be treated.

What’s one thing people can hear you saying on a regular basis?  

“No I am not new, I have been here at the same desk for about 4 years. I just look different every time you come in.”

I don’t have just one style. I tend to experiment with my looks. Some days it might be glasses with a ballet bun or hair down with a bright lip. It keeps our members on their toes!

Are you a spender or a saver?

A spender… come see my closet!

What’s your biggest impulse buy OR something that you buy daily/weekly that is a small indulgence?

Daily indulgence is Starbucks, and weekly – this girl likes her some beauty products!

Who would you nominate for the next feature and why?

Leigh-Ann Heyman. Leigh-Ann has the biggest heart and loving laugh! She is a great strength for Interior Savings and always an open book with knowledge and support.


A big thank you to Sam for sharing her positive outlook and infectious energy with all that cross her path. We’re very grateful to have you on our team!