Following on the heels of a summer plagued by heat waves and forest fires, while still in a pandemic, the recent floods have created a very challenging situation for many in our communities.  Many have had to evacuate their homes, while others may be temporarily unable to return home due to highway closures.  For those of our members who may not be able to get back to their home community in the interim to visit their branch for cash, we want to remind you that there are many safe alternatives to paying with cash.

  • Online banking and e-transfers

    If you’re not already using our online banking, give our Member Service Centre a call and we’ll get you set up! You can pay bills, transfer money to that friend who’s picking up your groceries, and just keep tabs on your account. As a bonus, Interac-etransfers are free for members (within your chequing package limits). Even better, once you’re set up to use online banking, you can download our mobile app and do all your banking from your mobile device!

  • Debit and Credit Tap
    Instead of cash, when you’re purchasing items at a store just tap your debit or credit card! You won’t have to touch any buttons on the machine and can simply tap your card until you hear the beep and then you’re on your way.

  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay
    Don’t stress about always having your wallet on you and pay with a quick tap of your phone using Apple, Samsung or Google Pay. Here’s how to get started.


And your cash can rest easy, knowing BC credit unions offer 100% deposit protection
One of the unfortunate responses we saw during the height of the pandemic and that we’re seeing again with the floods is a fear of scarcity. If there’s one worry we can ease, it’s this: we would like to remind and assure our members that all of your deposits at any BC credit union are 100% guaranteed by CUDIC.  So, for your own wellbeing while you’re on the move,  we recommend leaving your cash where it’s safest – in your account- and instead take advantage of all of contactless ways you can continue to do your banking and make payments.


We’re doing everything we can at Interior Savings to help ease some of your worry when it comes to your money.  Whether you need help getting set up with digital banking options or help navigating any financial issue you might be facing as a result of recent events, we’re here and ready to help.

Contact our Member Service Centre at 1-855-220-2580.