Interior Savings is embarking on a very exciting journey.  We announced in our April eNewsletter that we’ll be upgrading our banking system later this year. Our team has been preparing for this move since December, so they’ll be ready to show you what this new banking system can do when it launches. It’s more robust, more flexible, more efficient and will allow us to offer you more cutting-edge capabilities – making banking with us easier and enhancing the way we serve you in-branch and online.

Our focus, as always, is to keep your information safe and secure. With that in mind, the new banking system meets the highest standards for data protection and security, reinforcing our ability to protect you online.

We promise to keep you informed as we move forward so that the transition is as smooth as possible.  This includes sharing details about what’s happening when and how these changes will affect you through:

  • eNewsletter articles and blogs
  • Emails
  • In-branch materials
  • Messages within your online banking and on our main website
  • A dedicated support website specific to the conversion.

Make sure you watch for communications with the ‘Moving Forward Together’ theme to stay up to date and prepared for the upcoming conversion.

We appreciate your support during this exciting time and are looking forward, as always, to putting you first, and helping you reach your financial goals.

To find out more about the upgrade and the exciting opportunities it will bring, watch this message from our CEO, Kathy Conway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a banking system and why is ours changing?

A banking system is the internal software that we use to manage your daily transactions. Instead of simply updating our current software we are upgrading to an entirely different system with new and better features. Staff will find the system easier to use and more efficient. Members will gain access to new and in-demand services while adding additional safeguards to an already secure system.

Why now?

Even though our current banking system works and has served us well in the past, switching to a more advanced system will enable us to service you even better in the future.

How will a new banking system benefit me?

With this new system our staff will be equipped to serve you better. We’ll be working on a more advanced system that gives a more detailed profile on your finances; this way we’ll be able to better understand your personal financial needs.