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Making an Impact with Music and Memory

By Interior Savings
July 10, 2017

With a growing population of people entering their golden years coupled with the fact that we’re living longer, it’s no wonder that the topic of dementia and related conditions are getting more profile. You likely know or have known someone that has been affected, and you may have seen first-hand how those ailments can create isolation. Being connected to others is a human need, and research shows just how important that need is.

Isolation can greatly reduce a person’s sense of well-being and can trigger a reduction in quality of life. It can put older adults at greater risk than even factors such as obesity and physical inactivity. In fact, one study found that lacking social connections can be as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.* But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Interior Savings partnered with Baptist Housing and UBC Okanagan in launching the MUSIC & MEMORY® Program to residents across three Baptist Housing care facilities. This ground-breaking program is assisting people suffering from dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through personalized music.

“This program has changed the way we care for people”, says Rachel Lewis, Sun Pointe Village Administrator at Baptist Housing. “Music is one of many nonpharmacological interventions, and this program has given the team another strategy to assist our Residents. You now see the team reach for music instead of medicine.”

The Music and Memories program has made a remarkable difference in the relationship between residents, their caregivers and their loved ones too. Almost like a switch, the music can spark memories and create moments of joy and peace – the very things that can disappear with ailments such as dementia. See for yourself. Watch the video below.