We never really knew what to expect when our mortgage was getting closer to renewal. When we got our mortgage as first-time home buyers, it all just seemed like such a blur. We both still have a little trouble remembering the whole process besides signing papers.


So understandably we were a little nervous about what we should do next. We just had so many questions: Do we stay with the bank we’re with? Do we renew early? What options are available to us? We were actually a little surprised to learn that we didn’t even need to go with a bank! A friend of ours had been banking with Interior Savings for a few years and they told us that when it came time for them to renew their mortgage, they were going to switch to Interior too and for us to meet with them.


My wife works at the hospital and I’ve been working from home while also watching our kids, so getting out of the house has been a little difficult. But Interior’s Mortgage Specialist made it so easy to meet with us. Not only that, there’s something really nice knowing that they live in the same city as us. Not just because we are in the same time zone and communication is easier but knowing that they also love the community here and how much Interior Savings invests back into it.


Right from the start the experience felt different. We weren’t nodding along and signing papers, our mortgage specialist, she took the time to get to know us and figure out exactly what we were looking for. She walked us through their mortgage shopper checklist, answered what felt like 1,000 of our questions, and showed us that their rates were just as competitive as anywhere else.


She set up our appraisal for us and they only took a couple days to get here and a couple days to get the final report and value. Everything was at our pace and we could take our time with any documents to look over and we were even getting answers outside of branch hours. We had a little hesitation about the future, but with how good the rate was, we decided to renew early to take advantage and found out they would hold the rate for 90 days and the appraisal for 6 months so nothing would change while filling out the paperwork.


Not only was she professional every step of the way, but we feel like we know the process in and out now. From their inhouse legal counsel, to breaking down everything in a way both my wife and I understood, we truly felt like she also cared about the mortgage we were getting. Oh, and did we mention that they even got us a $1,000 cash bonus? Interior Savings gave us a better understanding of our own mortgage and makes us feel confident that when it comes time again to renew, we will be taken care of again.


We really want to thank our mortgage specialist and Interior Savings for making all of this such a personable and enjoyable experience.


We want you to have the same experience and get the mortgage that’s right for you. Let’s talk mortgages today.