On March 8th, Interior Savings is pleased to recognize International Women’s Day. More so, we are proud to be a company that supports and empowers women every day of the year. It’s easy to talk about how female representation is important, but what’s far more important is demonstrating your belief in that statement in real action. At Interior Savings, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. At present, 79% of our total staff is female along with 50% of our Board of Directors and our CEO, Kathy Conway. That’s just the beginning – here’s a look at how we invest in women while growing our clients’ wealth.

It pays to invest in women

In addition to having strong female leadership, Interior Savings provides clients with specific ways to invest in women-led businesses. We offer a Responsible Investing Women’s Impact ILTD wherein credit union members can invest in companies that have a minimum of 40% female representation on their board of directors. Why do we do this? Because when women are given opportunity, they do amazing things. Research has shown that a company with one or more women on its board of directors will generally outperform a company that lacks female representation by at least 4%. This assessment specifically refers to financial measures such as equity, return on sales and stock price growth (arguably, critical elements of a business’ success).

We all want our money to grow, and our Responsible Investing Women’s Impact ILTD enables clients to support gender equality while making strong, smart investments in their future. That’s something that all men and women should get excited about. After all, who doesn’t want to optimize growth on their investments while supporting an ethical business model that includes all genders?

Why this investment option matters

Women contribute immeasurably to the world around them, from their communities and the global economy to their own families and creative pursuits. They make businesses stronger and more profitable. Despite this, women continue to be grossly underrepresented in the corporate world. At this time, women only hold 14% of board seats among publicly traded companies in Canada, and 40% of publicly traded boards are all male. The truth is plain to see: women belong in business and should have a place in the boardroom. When they are given a voice at the table, those investments become more valuable. Gender inclusivity is a win for everyone involved and yet, we still have far to go.

Strong women for a better tomorrow

International Women’s Day is a global celebration that highlights the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It asserts that women’s rights are human rights and serves as a call to action in the perennial fight for equality. Interestingly, no single country, non-profit organization or other group is responsible for IWD; it belongs to all women and allies who wish to take part, and it looks different in every city and country around the world.


Interior Savings is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that values women both as clients and incredible members of our credit union team. We will continue to invest in woman-led businesses and organizations that include female board members. We hope you’ll join us in highlighting some of the strong women in your own life, celebrating their accomplishments today and every day. On behalf of the entire Interior Savings team, Happy International Women’s Day!