We’re thrilled to announce that we were selected as the recipient of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Award (in the large business category) at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) “Mentally Healthy Workplace Awards” breakfast held on November 20th.

At the annual event, CMHA Kelowna recognized local businesses who are leading the way in creating environments that are supportive of their employees’ well-being while breaking the stigmas often associated with mental health.

Our employees have access to balanced health care and programs that encourage a holistic approach to wellness and work/life balance. Additionally, as part of a pilot program launched earlier this year, our employees will receive training to help support those who may be struggling.

Our focus on mental wellness is also extended into the communities we serve through the support of local programs and services designed to teach and develop mental wellness skills, in addition to programs that provide opportunities to connect with others and make meaningful contributions – two key ingredients that support mental well-being.

“CMHA Kelowna continues to work hard to bring awareness to the importance of mental wellness in the workplace,” says Kathy Conway, CEO of Interior Savings. “We’re proud to receive this honour and recognize this award isn’t a destination but rather a milestone that tells us we’re on the right track. We will continue to evolve and explore ways to bring the focus of mental wellness to the forefront of our workplace culture, and support mental wellness in all of our communities.”

Thank you CMHA for this award, we know that mental wellness doesn’t have a finish line. It’s an ongoing journey for each of us, with ups and downs along the way, and we will strive to continuously support our employees on their journey.