We are seeking nominations of qualified candidates to represent our membership and run for election to our Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors ensures the long-term success of the credit union. They help the credit union, and its group of companies, plan for the future and move toward established goals. We have reviewed our current board members, identified competencies that we need from new directors, and from this we have created a Desired Candidate Profile.

2020 Desired Candidate Competencies

Any member in good standing can seek nomination to the Board of Directors. Candidates should exhibit a commitment to co-operative values. For 2020, the Board of Directors is seeking candidates with skills, background, and experience in any of the following areas:

Technology – encompasses two types of areas – core system upgrades and the use of technology in operations – e.g. online services, customer management systems etc.

Insurance Services – our subsidiaries offer other financial services such as financial planning and insurance. Knowledge of these market sectors with the ability to comment and lead discussions regarding the different types of insurance products offered by Interior Savings would be an asset.

Finance and Accounting – strong financial background as a qualified accountant (CPA) who has a strong understanding of the financial underpinnings of the organization.

Wealth Management – similar to Insurance Services, we offer wealth management services. Knowledge of these market sectors with the ability to comment and lead discussions regarding the different types of investment products and protection offered by Interior Savings would be an asset.

Candidates who meet the Desired Candidate Profile and have a successful interview with our Nominations and Elections Committee will be recommended to our membership in the election voting materials.

2020 Board Positions

When we merged over 20 years ago, we created two voting regions. However, we’ve been operating as one organization for many years. The Interior Savings rules enable the Board to change the voting regions as deemed necessary. This year, the Board determined the two regions were no longer needed and for the 2020 election there will only be one region. What this means is elections will typically be for four positions across our entire market area.

This year, there are four positions up for election, each for a three-year term. In 2020, three incumbents have indicated they plan to seek reelection.

If you would like to seek a seat on our Board of Directors, please request a nomination package. The package outlines the duties and time commitment required of a Director and is available at any of our branches and online beginning September 9th. Nomination forms will be accepted until 4:00pm, Friday, October 18, 2019.

If you would prefer to have a nomination package mailed to you, please contact:

Interior Savings Credit Union
Nominations Package
#200-678 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P3

Phone: 250.869.8200
Email: election@interiorsavings.com