Online & Mobile Banking Changes

The banking system upgrade includes a number of online and mobile banking changes to be aware of and prepare for.



We will never call, email or text you asking you to provide your account number, login details or any other banking information.

First Login after September 21

We upgraded our banking system September 18 to 21. Now that our conversion is completed, you will need to reset your password or Personal Access Code the first time you login. Here’s how:

Login with your temporary Personal Access Code (PAC):

Login without a temporary Personal Access Code (PAC):

Interac® e-Transfers

There are a few Interac e-Transfer items that will need to be reset AFTER the banking conversion:

  • Request Money – After the upgrade, any e-Transfer requests that are still pending will no longer work. As a result, we recommend that you send requests in good time before conversion weekend (September 18-21) or
    re-schedule them for after the upgrade.
  • AutoDeposit – After the upgrade, you’ll need to reset your AutoDeposit information if you want to accept e-Transfers automatically without answering security questions.
  • Profile – a new profile will need to be created on the upgraded system.

Important: Your Interac e-Transfer Recipient List Won’t Carry Forward

Your current list of e-Transfer recipients will not transition to the new banking system. To ensure you can recreate this list after the upgrade, please write down or take a picture of the recipients you want to keep, including their email addresses, mobile numbers and the security questions you use with them.

Account Alert Settings

You can set email and text alerts to notify you of banking activity and protect your accounts from fraud. However, your settings for this may be reset during the upgrade, so please double check them after conversion weekend (September 18-21).

Nickname Accounts

If you have multiple chequing and savings accounts, it can be helpful to rename them with a clear nickname. This will ensure you can easily identify which one is which after the upgrade.

Transaction History

If you use external accounting software, such as Quicken, please make sure you download any online banking transaction history you need for safekeeping before the upgrade.


Mobile Banking



This feature lets you view account balances on screen without logging into our mobile app. However, your
preferences for it may be reset during the conversion. If this is the case, you can easily re-enable them in your mobile app settings.

Fingerprint & Facial Recognition

Your current fingerprint and facial recognition settings for mobile app won’t carry forward during the upgrade. After September 21, to log in to the mobile app using fingerprint or facial recognition, you’ll need to re-enable these features. Please note that not all mobile devices support fingerprint and facial recognition.

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